Friday, May 11, 2007

I have asked to be removed from because I found this when I accidentally clicked while looking at their front page. It was like stepping in cat shit with bare feet.

Now we all plumb significant depths of banality on our blogs from time to time - some more than others it has to be said - and that is a blogger's prerogative. However, innocent web surfers should never be exposed to such a high incidence of banality on one, lone, blog. The only conceivable reason to have activated such a blog is, well, to have a blog. End of chat.

Such 'toilet' (as the vernacular English expression so aptly puts it) amounts to cyber pollution of the worst kind. I would never condone censorship. I would however ensure that I never again have even a tangential association with this type of drivel. Is it even real? I would rather have ads for Lockheed Martin, McDonalds and Robert Mugabe on my blog that have it publicised along side this kind of schmucky nebisch tripe.