Thursday, March 23, 2006

couple 'a good ones

Practices that is. weather's turned to shit all of a sudden - soggy and grey, most unlike Hawkes Bay. Tropical storm ripped into Qld a few days ago and it must be the spill over from that system, just dumping rain on these normally fairly dry plains and hills. Just like the UK.

Practice busy tonight - the Thurday class is getting back up to strength. Couple of newbies including unexpected return of my old flatmate CC who I thought would never give it a go. Well done her.

My knee slowly opening again but I must say that for such an innocuous little click the other week it sure has had a big effect - have had to seriously address the hamstring thing with alternate hot and cold compresses to try and alleviate tightness and its still there. Going slowly on that right side. So Marichis are coming, but only one sided now. A lesson in patience.

Still enjoying the wine sales, some good people through today, very outgoing, interested. A lovely Irish girl who could have easily had my heart - except there was a guy in tow. Always the way! It is satisfying to be able to explain the basics to people on the back of my (limited) winemaking knowledge. Pity it doesnt pay.

On the catering front, put an order in for small initial publicity literature, then it'll be down to me to get out there door to door and test themarket. Luckily the market is right where I live so will start locally. Guess I need to work out my sales patter. Luckily I have no problem coming up with that kind of stuff.

The anti canidida diet is underway - not very difficult actually and havent had any severe sugar withdrawal like the first time I did it. But then I was living in a different environment to say the least. Pressure, money and one hell of an unhealthy lifestyle. So, will do this for a while plus tweak a couple of other things like start to clean out the liver and then order some 3Lac and start getting into it seriously and see how bad the candida is this time round. Its just a hunch anyway so it may be mild, in which case great it will not take months to clear it out. I wonder if my mate FB in London has tried it. Someone who has got terrible health issues with no clear diagnosis. Like Sis could end up being the dreaded Candidiasis....

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