Thursday, May 11, 2006

the business model evolves

Just had a spot of lunch with AP and heard all about the storm that is being caused in her family a bitter ex- of her brother, with whom she has an 8 year old girl. The ex- is losing it. They separated 4 years ago and now for some reason they are having a blow up and she is calling his whole family to tell them what a bastard he is (A said she really didn't think he was) and rant down the phone also calling them 'wogs' (casual Aussie racist term for people of Mediterranean origin). In addition she has told her daughter never to utter that family name of her father in the house. The daughter has the same name as the father. What a mess.

On the subject of this trial I have now completed of the sales/marketing idea - which went well - I have realised that to make it grow and turn it into a useful business is really a two person job. It really is. One person can perform the function required, but too slowly and then that person is stuck doing the job and can't grow the business either by developing new accounts or devising and running current campaigns. So, need a partner basically. Talked to JS about it yesterday, who has a lot of the skills necessary as well as the knowledge and experience. But does she have the motivation? We shall see. The thing I like about the idea so much is that it requires no capital to start with. And it makes profit very quickly. Perfect. I really see it as a business that could be built into something worth $1m+ in 2-3 years. Just need to get it going.

I have practiced 5 days this week. During the week I have noticed a couple of odd things. Firstly my left leg has had a couple of sciatic grumbles particularly after doing backbends - I think my backbends are getting more acute without being uncomfortable. But I hear the sciatic nerve - slow down. The other wierd thing was that upon eating red meat three evenings in a row I woke feeling depressed three mornings in a row. Thai noodles a fourth evening, woke up fine. I don't eat that much red meat anyway so this is not too much of an issue.

The main aim in practicing a little more regularly is so that when I get to India (September 15th, booked and paid for) it will not be too much of a step up to 6 days a week. Having said that, if I don't make it to every practice I will not consider that a problem, but still a little preparation can't hurt.

Saw a really touching and very thoughtful documentary recently called Born into Brothels . Some of the utterances made by these young kids, with almost no education at all, would sit easily alongside the most memorable and most poignant quotes in literature. Because of their intelligence and perceptiveness, which shines from their faces and the screen, this film more than any I have seen recently gives the lie to the concept that the poor, and especially the children of the poor, do not know the nature of the state of existence they find themselves in. They know they suffer, that they are exploited and shackled by circumstance. And they know the possibility of escape in all but the most exceptional circumstances is zero. From the group of ten or so kids who form the focus of the film and who are literally born and raised in brothels in a tiny alleyway in Calcutta only 2 seem to have found a way out at the end of the film, by getting into, and staying in, schools where they can live outside the red light district.

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So when does NSS get to hear exactly what this business is all about??