Monday, June 05, 2006

Queen's birthday

Here's a wierd thing - the Kiwis have a national holiday for the official birthday of the Queen. Us Brits don't even bother.

So today is a national holiday.

This in fact means little to me. However it does give me extra license to spend time online checking out new trends and the latest ideas - the funkiest being the vlog - a personal www video diary - which look to me to be a very new feature of the web. Since about 2004 in any meaningful way. As we can see here there are basically about 600 in the US and the same again, maybe, in the rest of the world. That's new. So, in the early adopter spirit of things I think the world needs a Mysore Astanga Vlog and I'm looking at organising one. Looks pretty simple really - we need a camera and a laptop. Already 50% there. Then we have to transport equipment to India and decide on a format, or aim, of the vlog. Perhaps to introduce the world to Mysore ashtanga via video on the web, or maybe a more personal view a la video diaries. Having mulled over the idea yesterday with K and JS I we don't reckon Pattabhi Jois et al will take kindly to the concept of filming in the shala in Mysore. Nonetheless there's plenty more of interest to record. The daily experience of being there and the progression through the trip will present much to record and post.

Turns out KS's brother is a professional photographer and was full of ideas regarding equipment and how to set up for such a project.

Didn't practice yesterday, although I did start. Just didn't feel like it. The day was most certainly a wintry one and my drive was not to practice. I started and the forward bends just felt really uncomfortable. Try again later today.....

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