Wednesday, August 30, 2006

more boarding and lots of bruises

I think that perhaps it might be wise in life to learn all vaguely hazardous sports before about the age of 10 or 12. Snowboarding only started to become mainstream in the very late 80s by which time I was an adult so sadly the option was not there for me.

I had a two hour lesson which was money very well spent as the instructor actually told me what to aim for as opposed to well meaning friends whose advice extended to 'just keep trying' and 'you need to practice more'....hmmm. There is an actual technique - and, do you know, when you apply it you suddenly find turns and the like pretty easy at lower much fun. The falls are bruising though and I currently have a very sore coccyx which makes getting up from sitting pretty painful. Luckily it is improving and so no lasting damage. Also have hurt thumb which makes practice a little tricky. I think that's enough snow action for me this year. Riding a little close to the wind.

making finalish preps for departure to India.

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