Saturday, August 26, 2006

Napier Film Festival

Saw a beautifully made film from India yesterday evening at the Napier Film Festival, by writer/producer Deepa Mehta. Water is beautifully filmed with a lovely young protagonist who lends immense charm and sensitivity to the whole story. In some ways it reminded me of Midnight Express - the dour, crushing weight of religious and cultural institutions bearing down on individuals in both films nags at your very soul. A young and innocent main character caught up and tossed around by forces so immense and overpowering that escape seems impossible as well as the faithfully rendered influence of interpersonal relationships as they develop over time and peoples' lives intersect, each touching the other briefly whilst at the same time firmly locked into their own individual fates, all this makes Water compelling and the moments of true darkness bearable. In the end, with the coming of Ghandi and the end of British rule comes emancipation for little Churyia and we are so happy to see her clasped into the arms of the peaceful revolution.

Had a blast on Limewire/iTunes (you know how it works.....) the other day and unearthed this beauty of an album - Boogie Angst - by Kraak & Smaak which is super funky dance stuff now being overplayed on my iPod.

On the subject of yoga I am pleased to report that Padmasana has just become possible again after an absence of several weeks due to previously mentioned knee injury - cool.

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