Tuesday, September 19, 2006

OK, the first rule of fight club etc…but I don’t think the following ‘reflection’ really counts because it concerns a sort of peripheral/meta issue, at least as far as the asana practice goes and doesn’t go into the ‘ow my hip ached when I tried to insert my coccyx into my left eustachian tube while gazing toward the event horizon’ kind of category. ‘Reflection’ because this concept itself implies some sort of contemplative review of an accumulation of experience but in reality the little nugget to follow is nothing more than a blogflection based on a few transient emotions occurring in a heart beat. Blogs are immediate, but appear reflective, and thus allow regurgitation of notions, synapse flashes and semi-thoughts under the guise of reflection. A blogflection.

Today was only my second practice here. The weird thing is how much anxiety I noticed arising as the time approached. I am not used to practicing in a shala as there is not one in Hawkes Bay and, particularly for the last few months, I have been practicing at home, when I want, whenever I want. I’ve really enjoyed this. Where did this anxiety come from? It has to do of course with the newness, the unfamiliarity and the sheer fact of being here. Oh yeah, and ego…

On the other hand, in savasana I had a good giggle to myself about something. Can’t remember what though.

Priority number 1 tomorrow – enjoy the practice. Enjoy the sweat, enjoy every stretch, enjoy doing the things that come and enjoy trying to do the things that don’t. Enjoy.

had breakfast with a couple of folk from practice. Kiwis as it turned out – go kiwis!

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