Friday, September 15, 2006


Well, I have now seen Uluru. The pilot got the ok for a banking turn over the rock itself from Aussie air control and so we were treated to a peak from 8500m.

The preamble went like this (imagine hesitant asian/american accent)

Uh...we have ok from air traffic so..uh..if you look out the right of the plane in about 10 minutes you wiw be able to see Ayer's Rock.

Time passes.

Uh..we are about to turn..uh (plane tilts to right as half of the passengers scramble to the starboard side scrabbling to see this thing) if you..uh...stretch your wiw be able to see it. It's the..uh..big bit of rock sticking up with some green around the base.

No shit.

Other highlights of the 8 hour flight - the excellent video on demand system. Lapped it up. One episode of Kath and Kim turned out a cracker. Kel, having a mid life crisis on the eve of his 50th, arrives to take Kath out for a spin, in 'the latest pop-top roadster Daihatsu' (it's bright yellow and dinky) having just had his hair braided and highlighted.

Now at Singapore Changi Airport - a marvel of airport/shopping mall design.

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