Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Yesterday was a birthday - as I showered I remembered it was mine, which felt great, but then I actually forgot that fact even when discussing another birthday with a lovely kiwi lass while at the swimming pool later in the day. The other birthday was that of the Cave Swami who lives, in a cave somewhat predictably, half way up Chamundi Hill, a local landmark with a 1000 step climb to the top. CS apparently puts on an annual lunch for those who wish to attend. As it was it was chucking it down monsoon stylee all afternoon and then most of the night. I had my anatomy etc course to attend so did not get to bask in the birthday aura of the Cave Swami. In the end, having had a great day, I remembered over dinner that it was in fact my birthday too. This evening will have to do so the plan is to have a bit of supper with a few devotees at a quiet local place.


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