Monday, January 22, 2007


Well, after Helen had so much fun with her bodyboarding lesson, ably conducted by 'hunky' but linguistically impaired (it seems de rigeuer for surfing instructors to be able to say words such as 'barrel', 'paddle' and other two syllable combinations within the context of the lesson but once outside that narrow safety enclosure to revert to communicating with Bill and Ted like leers, grunts and hand signals which look a bit like the Metallica salute plus the one solitary two syllable word, be-er, which is permitted) surf instructor Sammy, and I actually managed to 'catch' a few waves convincingly and consistently enough to believe that I might have a recreational surfing future it is back to Noosa until the middle of February. We'll drop mum on Monday at the airport and then head back there.

I got so into the surfing that I have a stupidly tanned face - almost scaley in fact - and have the bloodshot eyes to match. Nice look eh? Perhaps not great for getting to know any of the lovely looking bikini clad single mums with HUGE divorce settlements who seem to populate the cafe latte hangouts in Noosa while their kids congregate at the gelato bar next door. But whatever, that's what you get for spending 4 hours splashing around on a board in blazing 30C sunshine with only one application of sunscreen at 830am.

We figure 2 weeks extra is not going to hurt anyone and still leaves us both time to attend to business matters once back in our respective home countries. Priorities, right?

Oh, and forgot to mention that in Noosa had a very sweaty practice with the guys at Peregian beach. They use a room at the Bowls club there which is pretty nice. They had about 12 people doing a led class and 8 of us doing self practice. It was hot in that small room. This meant that I actually managed (with help) to get bound both sides in Marichyasana D for the first time ever - its coming!

With a week left in Brisbane we have all sorts of things planned, like going to see Roger Sanchez (ok, its a shite website full of ridiculously cliched and incomprehensible dj-like ramblings which I imagine are meant to be 'cool' and he should stick to playing records. Basically he is a very big name US House DJ) on Australia Day night for a proper clubbing night out. I guess mum will stay at home for that one. On the day though we will hook up with local friends and get into whatever the city has organised. Before that, we still have some bbqs to do in scenic places, walking tours of the city and other things of that ilk.

Time to get on with it


susiegb said...

Glad to see you're enjoying SEQld! If you have a chance you may want to do an ashtanga class in Brisbane - here's the website info:

They have a class on Saturday afternoon at 4pm ...

- susie

jb said...

hav just seen your comment - months later! - I did go to the shala in Brissy actually, and really enjoyed it.