Friday, March 17, 2006

ah friday

feeling really immobile in practice last night - gonna go to Iyengar his morn to try and work into some of that. Then work this avo - yesterday we had these two really gay dudes come in, brits, who were clearly loaded but not posh at all - and they bought a methusalar of the top red which i then had to stay late to prep for them (nice box etc). I got a vibe about them and when they paid it was pretty much confirmed - as the Coutts black credit card came out. Bank fo aristocrats and lottery winners. They had talked about being on a 8 month world cruise. Just the kind of thing you d owhen you've got more money than you ever imagined possible in my view. Will get confirmation from the lady who rented them some bikes....

Harvest has begun, and my god am I glad I ainy involved. The guys yesterday already looked shagged. Haha!

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