Saturday, March 18, 2006


Managed to struggled thru paractice this morning, feels like everything is getting stiffer, not looser at the moment. Still, did it at home, kept getting interrupted by phone/mobile but was good to chat so took nearly 2 hours to do the yoga. Worth it as is nearly always the case. BW came thru with the Primary Series Poster - good to have it.

Now burning a cd for my massage therapist. Love Boards of Canada - always wanted to find that stff but only now stumbling on it - thanks iTunes....sort of. And Limewire.

Weekend is grey but still feels good to be working part time and thus know that Monday is free too. Altho getting motivated again re:parachute career search thingy - have let it go a bit since before the Peter Sanson workshop last weekend. Will re-engage and start picking random people to interview. Was actually a good meeting with CE of local Chamber of Commerce the other day - he had an easy manner and a really good overview of local economy with all its quirks and opportunities. Our view on the catering idea - looking to sell into rich 55+mkt appears to be on the right track. Just gotta manage it all right, get it started and be responsive enough. Looking forward to it - my first attempt at anything entrepreneurial. That should start to happen later next week.

Spoke to Mum and Sis for an hour or so - very pleased to hear that Sis is mulling a return to work later in the year. The road back from Chronic Fatigue is a hard one. Looks like the trip to Mysore later in the year is going to be well balanced with family visits which would be so cool - love the thought that we might get to hang out in such an unusual environment - altho for Dad it wont be as he spends so much time overseas anyway. Nonetheless, its great it might all happen, finger crossed.

Had a half Guinness yesterday round at J and M's place for St Patricks Day. Great to hear that J's business idea is really coming to fruition. She deserves it. M was back from work quite early and then I just sat and laughed as his kids jumped all over him....But vintage is kicking in now so those guys will be on the 16 hour days before too long. Pretty happy I dont have to do that this year.

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