Monday, March 20, 2006

gotta get back to it

about a week and a half ago I decided to let the career search go on hold - today it is definitely time to return to it. So far my careers have taken the following shape - leave university and stumble into a job providing tech help to French customers of Olivetti. This was a shambolic set-up baut it was good for my French. That lasted about 8 months. Next I fluked a job in the City with a big French bank and there I remained for 5 1/2 years as a Foreign Exchange Dealer. During that time we as a desk survived a merger and eventually prospered (modestly in my case but that was all I felt I needed to do). However dreams of a better life had always been present - and my health took a serious bashing too - so that eventually I left and went (with my then wife) to live in NZ, where I remain. Once there I studied a postgrad winemaking course and worked for a couple of years in that industry. Recently however I have decided that it isnt right either. So I resigned just before vintage and am now working part time for another winery. This means I need a new career. I'm doing the What Coulour is your Parachute book which is good in some ways and a little too American in others but generally helpful. But this has kind of ground to a halt. Time to reinvigorate. Thus the aim for today is to target a particular person for so called informational interviewing. One. That will be mission accomplished....also have other small missions too as usual.

Slept very heavily - for some reason living here the change of clocks seems to be much harder to adjust to than it ever was in the UK - sometimes taking three weeks - particularly at the start of summer when you lose an hour and the mornings get really dark again after a few weeks of illumination. Strange. So woke feeling doped but tea is working.

Looking at doing a Candidiasis diet again - feel subtle possible reemergence of odd symptoms. This site gives a good overview of what I'm talking about for those who are uninitiated. This was what got me into the shit healthwise in London. having talked with Sis this morning I came to the conclusion that in fact I was only a few months away from Chronic Fatigue type stuff. Leaving when I did was a good move.

Coming back to this one at the end of the day - I fixed up a meeting with the head of NZ Trade and Enterprise for next week. Sounds American which may be a help in this context of flaky career search strategies...Mission accomplished.

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