Wednesday, March 15, 2006

cold feet and a lazy breakfast

lots happening but none of it very early which gave me a chance as usual to sample some nice tunes (thanks pod) and have a light brekkie - before getting another set of quotes for this little business idea we are exploring (thats me and a couple of friends). I do the marketing they do the creating. thats the sort of deal we have. then have to work a half day today at a winery here, which will last for a few weeks. then need to get something else. determined at the moment not to be a slave to someone else. luckily dont need to either, having v few responisibilities in life other than pleasing myself.

mulling a car change. And a dig camera purchase to help this blog. need to talk to my mate Nick to ask his opinion on camera thing. the car needs changing for lots of reasons - its too tied up with the murcky past for a start, on its own a good enough reason.

need to get some biscuits for work, where they are all just starting vintage - this is the wine industry we are talking about. its hard to communicate how unromantic the business end of it really is, so i wont try. but that isnt a problem if one is committed for whatever reason, like I was. just take my word for it. I just lost interest in drinking in general. mainly i think because of the influence of ahstanga yoga on me over the last couple of years. much more about that to come in this blog. suffice it to say, when i start this blog lots is changing for me, and yoga is a prime mover. in the language of recovering alcoholics (which I am not) it might be fair to say that right now my primary relationship is with ashtanga as an activity. sound strange to you? or not?

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