Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Ego - more under the post prandial microscope

on the subject of ashtanga, just got back from a yummy feed/business meet with mates of mine, J&K and we discussed the last weekend's yoga workshop - of course lots of gossip - but interestingly the fact that I have read so many yoga blogs recently is starting to wear off on me - and we talked about The Ego. Can it ever really diminish or does it just hide away better? We were discussing whether our yoga teacher 'has an ego' or not. well of course he does but how does it manifest itself, if it is at all visible to us. K, who has a lovely practice and is looking at progress to secondary series shortly, felt that it wasnt visible in any meaningful form. But how would we know? Sure, he doesnt order you around like an autocrat. But he seemed tired and not able to give as much as other previous classes. So maybe his ego was keeping him in check. Simplistic, yes. But how do you refute it? Fuck, I could quote endless Sanskrit at you (if i knew any) about this subject and indeed there are those who are able and do so on the web, , and even , but basically without using informed discourse such as these sages base their opinions on, it all comes down to what is a gradual attempt over many lifetimes to divesting oneself of the ego that seems to materialise in ourselves around the age of 15 or 16. This is based on what VN told me the other day about ego formation and also the recommended age below which one does not practice ashtanga. Making any sense?

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