Tuesday, April 18, 2006

knees must

The knee is telling me something - specifically to slow right down. God - this attitude thing is really getting a bit hard actually. I keep seeing how out of balance my attitude is. Read Matthew Sweeney's book recently. This is a fantastically well written, brief and concise guide to all practical aspects of Astanga for Westerners. His attitude is basically 'it's not what you do but your relationship to it that is important'. Now he is centering on yoga but of course the lesson spreads out far wider and can you detect just a bit of self recrimination in the above? I don't know where its coming from but it keeps coming in waves now and is making me slow my practice down, strip it bare almost. Yesterday I did the sparest practice for ages, hardly sweated at all - which is a first - and all because I was feeling wary of the hamstring and the energy level too. Now, this morning, it's grey and rainy and I feel like things are going Pete Tong for some reason. Have fallen off the Candida wagon because life got busy and I didn't get organised enough to eat properly so now back to wondering if there is an effect from that on my energy levels and so on and so on. Repetitive isn't it. So it seems like the knee is telling me something but really all the issues are in the mind. Attitude. I suppose you have to take the rought with the smooth. So, observe, don't judge, and keep doing it.

Got the call to go into Alpha Domus and do a day's work because their marketing/sales person is ill so have been busy with that. Gave me a chance to put together elements of the promotional material for this work I intend to do for them. Have negotiated a decent price and so now need to get it going - should be later this week.

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