Friday, April 14, 2006

intermediate blogging

Well, we have a long weekend along with the rest of the Judaeochristian world and for me this means a pretty relaxing few days - got to got to Napier and buy a friend's 30th birthday present, get a massage today - the Hamstrings are gonna get some attention - and brunch at K&J's tomorrow.

Looked like a trip to Auckland was going to be necessary as John Scott is doing a long weekend thing at, the Yoga academy, but then last night at practice there was talk of him coming to Hawkes Bay which would be a real coup, and my first chance to practice with another SKPJ blessed teacher. Exciting.

Woke up really early this morning, 6am, even though it was extra quiet outside and I could have slept for hours - but was waking and so thought I'd read some and before I knew it I was wide awake. So I got up and made some tea, put on the iPod (latest acquisitions Zap Mama and Hil St Soul plus the old album by Tosca 'Suzuki' which is really good too) and washing and read some more of the Matthew Sweeney 'Astanga Yoga As It Is' that I was pursuaded to buy yesterday - he does have a lot of useful stuff to convey, practical advice and insight on integrating practice to life and above all a really supportive, affirmative tone to his writing and instruction - he conveys the attitude brilliantly and thus communicates the pleasure and positivity in the practice without sounding sanctimonious or patronising.

Medium energy yesterday, could only manage half of the lifts at the end, but on the upside Marichy B saw me bound on both sides, I think this is the first time and heralds an apparent end to the knee injury. What is really uncomfortable is the ankles in these asana. Althought there is more and more give and less discomfort. Got some really deep ujjayi breath, right into the back of the throat and felt strong around navasana where I normally flag - this is something that has happened a couple of other times in the last few weeks. I hope it can continue. Looking at upping the ante in terms of practices per week, perhaps 4 times a week although I might do 3 full and one light practice to begin. Last week went like that, and it takes me time to build up the stamina and strength so no rush. There are a lot of internal shifts and energy is coming out in surprising ways during the practice at the moment which is really great to work with.

Workwise, have finished at Alpha Domus but they have agreed to the trial and we have settled a price too - now its up to me to make that percentage work for me and sell as much wine as possible to these people. Should start early pat of week, we just need to put together some email based docs to sex it up for the punters and underline the medals/trophies that have been won recently as well. Only need to call 97 people for the trial. The full thing would be closer to 1000. A few weeks work, though not all day every day as most people will receive a call in the evening, so I suppose a couple of hours a night is all it would take. That could yield a very attractive hourly rate in the end - like NZ$60-80 depending on how well I do. Hmmm. Work smart sounds good to me.

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