Friday, April 07, 2006

Cyber spatting

Well, since the last post, which caused a few ripples, the event known as a cyber spat has occured between me and my mate - which we still have not concluded. this is a uniqu event in my experience and represents a hidden danger of blogging anf cyber space. Emotions can run high it would seem and the room for misconstruing what is being communicated. Here's to a happy conclusion.

Otherwise things are busy as usual, the weather has returned to something like pleasant warm and autumnal and the yoga is still moving nicely.

The catering idea is meeting with a warm reception on the 'doorstep' although this hsa yet to translate into any bookings. Nonetheless people are very receptive to the idea and also very open to being approached in this direct, unsolicited way. This bodes well for the other business idea too. Also, people are tremendously encouraging in that typical Antipodean way that one can begin to take for granted after living here for a while. It was fun to encounter it again, afresh. With the catering, generally people are not satisfied with the offer from local restaurants and our target market is indeed in this category. Additionally they all entertain a fair bit and most of them seem to be open to the idea of palming off the hard work onto someone else - great. Feel like I'm pushing at an open door so just gotta keep leaning on it and a trickle could start. That's all we're after for the moment.

Elsewhere, specifically in the wine industry, the marketing strategy is going to be trialled if we can agree a price. This is in fact my favourite bit of business, the price negotiation. Why? God only knows. For me I guess it seems fairly exciting. Rewarding even, and I enjoy the ups and downs of negotiating this end of the nitty gritty. I want 20%, they probably dont want to pay more than 15%. I think my bottom line might be around 18% so we should get there.

Yoga - still going well and the knee is slowly easing as it has been for a few weeks now. Hamstring pretty tight and twangy/twingey though which feels like a gentle warning. Am listening. 3 days a week feels good but I am looking to move up to 4 which should be practicable. I am definitely sweating a lot less recently - this has not really changed much in the near 2 years since I started but now it is moving a bit which is nice because it was actually starting to get a bit annoying getting so soaked at each practice. Had one of the 'lightest' practices ever yeaterday. Also really starting to feel very grounded through my hands when they are on the floor and taking my weight, say in jump backs or forwards. Working up to taking my whole weight and one day mastering that beautiful slow movement of feet from downward dog to between feet. Now that would feel satisfying. There is more on the yoga but it will be as part of my Road to Mysore post that is under construction.

Weekend is here - not much planned socially but looking forward to it and will have fun whatever I'm sure.

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