Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Getting up at 5am today to watch the second half of USA v Czech Republic was a tough one. Not that I went to bed very late, it was just hard. Still - if that's the cross I have to bear than so be it...incidentally it was good to see the yanks get a thrashing even if I maybe feel that way beacuse England got thrashed at rugby by the Aussies and also looked pathetic in the first match of the world cup....sour grapes.

It is loads of fun to be able to watch so many of the matches though, and I am making the most of it. My mate Nick sent me the above photo he took while out drinking in London over the weekend. Apparently the ball moves when you 'hit' it, although it is anchored by some string.

Today sees me back in the throes of business planning, warm and dry in my apartment while it chills down nicely outside. The business training and some recent discussions with contacts at a couple of wineries and also completion of initial research into software and market demand have brought some cohesion to proceedings and now I am tying it all together.

In terms of yoga chikitsa last night was a new first. I have been getting into Padmasana for a little while now but have been finding that the knees and hips were still tight meaning that my feet were liable to 'ping' out of the poisition after a period of time. However yesterday I noticed that things seemed a little more sustainable so I thought I'd try Utplithih - and it worked! I have to say it's a lot easier to hold it for 25 breaths than when one simply holds the legs up in simple cross leg. More than that though it just made the practice feel a lot more complete, tidy and satisfying. I was finding that last position a bit of a mountain at the end of each practice because it's exhausting as I was doing it. In full lotus position though, it really works. It's taken me nearly 2 years to get to this. Fuck it - I'm pleased!

But just as the ego was getting the better of me I found this and this - something to aim for? The most amazing thing to me is how the first dude gets himself into lotus position without even touching his own legs, while upside down.

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