Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I have managed to watch about half of the total matches played in the world cup - my best ever performance. Which is more than can be said about the England team. This partly accounts for the lack of posting.

Moments to savour - for me personally, the second Argentina goal against Serbia, which must be one of the top all time world cup goals, was a real lifetime sporting high. I was watching the match on my own at a friend's house and was going absolutely potty each time the Argies scored. They were a true joy to watch. Art. Exquisite. Ahhh, who ever would have thought I might get quite so enthusiastic about football. That's what the world cup is for.

It has also proved a handy foil to having lots of spare time. Although my business plan has been progressing, my motivation has been wavering. Not so much for the idea, which I really think is a good one, but more about the whole Hawkes Bay thing. It ain't for the long term I have realised. But how long is the short term? This remains to be seen. In the meantime, my citizenship application is simmering, and I have now jumped through the last hoop under my control by sending in all papers I could find which demonstrate that NZ is my 'permanent base'. Hopefully they will make a decision before I go to India.

On the yogs front, had a whole week off the other day. Just felt like the knees were taking a bashing and needed a rest. So, now back to it. Shoulders have tightened, hips still opening nicely. It's amazing how quickly the cardio fitness goes though. Ho hum. Comes back ok too. Still feels like the whole practice is getting neater, more coordinated. One funny thing is that a really competitive side of me keeps nudging into my thoughts during and between practices. That hasn't happened since very early on. Just another example of the phases we go through I suppose.

Its been two years now. Started yoga in June 2004. It is fair to say it has become a focus of life and that it has changed my life too. I don't imagine it will always be this way. As life develops, as my priorities change and motivations shift perhaps ashtanga will be more of a background aspect of life. One day. For now it's right there, front and centre.

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