Sunday, August 13, 2006


There are lots of anonymous blogs out there - I love the idea, and perhaps it's the epitome of individual freedom of expression, unconstrained (except by the fact that we don't know who it is), totally frank and often compulsive reading whilst also being unfettered by the pollution of direct commercial and political influence. Imagine if everyone was doing one, honestly and openly - imagine the stuff we would get to read! But the private is only one part of life eh?

The last two practices have felt just fab - and my knee is returning to normal slowly, bit by bit.

Saw a 15 year old lad at practice with his Mum the other day. Such a young person has quite simply not had the chance to pollute and neglect his body to the same extent as those of us further along in life. He has only been practising for a month or so (in India) and looked like he could probably do the whole primary series now, without too much problem.

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