Saturday, August 12, 2006


In blogland we can meet people as they would never appear to us in any other context. Wow. That must be what people said about books when they first appeared.

Had an interesting chat with Mum this morning about blogs, Mysore, ego and ashtangis. There is a lot of crossover of course! I had showed her a few of the Mysore blogs out there and we have talked about the types of people likely to be inhabiting the world of ashtanga study in Mysore. Yoga, food, self, quest, india obsessed type A people. All this is of course relatively uncontroversial stuff and each is open to judge (or not, or accept) such assertions. I was not surprised that she has decided not to read them too closely. It can be a voyeuristic pleasure but the blogosphere is a funny and unique place fit to burst with neuroses, exhibitionism, insight, surprise, honesty, frankness and duplicity all woven together. It's easy to read this stuff like some kind of priviliged guide book to the soul - which it may in fact be if it were consumable in one go. But what about actually experiencing something firsthand for oneself?

The latest web/blog 'outing' has hit the headlines in the media. Girl with a one track mind has been hunted down with a vengeance by scummy UK journos and her identity has been revealed to all. It's a shame as it will obviously end the blog as it has been.

She is a person who has chosen to write with total frankness about her lively sex life for over 2 years. It is entertaining, compulsive and fun. It is also kind of daunting and a bit scary. Most of all I wonder - although she seems to love her sexuality and what it brings to her life - how it might be hard to be so constantly at the beck and call of one's hormones. She is turned on pretty much all the time, by just about anything. Though there are many passages of reflection about 'will she ever find a suitable relationship/have kids etc' there is never any about how she came to be as she is - why is everything sexualised for her, about desire and constantly seeking satisfaction. To know some of that would be fascinating, as has her blog thus far been. It won't happen now thanks to the sad Sunday Times journos.

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