Tuesday, September 12, 2006

cold sydney blast

You can normally depend on Sydney weather right? Not this time. Cold, rainy, grey.

Got an early morning practice in after waking at 530am. Went to ashtanga yoga space on Oxford street which was fairly busy. The teacher Fiona, whom I had actually come across before on a previous visit to Sydney, was very nice and positive. The class was pretty active and the room is a good one with hard wooden floors and a pleasant feel, enhanced by the warmth and some good incense to eradicate any sweaty smells! This is Sydney after all - where the superficial is everything!

After that met T for her lunch break then traipsed around the CBD to pick up my ticket from Singapore Airlines. They have the most stultifying offices - like something out of 2001 A Space Odyssey but without any of the glamour and much worse customer service. People dully staring into their screens behind a lacquered counter, seemingly riffling the keyboard randomly while several people, including me, sat with their queuing tickets waiting for no apparent good reason.

After that felt knackered and had to go back to the flat for a nap before going out this evening to see the Sydney relatives - who are very kindly picking me up from Bondi Rd.

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