Friday, September 08, 2006

departing for Indyah

Went out for a quick coffee with mates working at Alpha Domus winery here in Hawkes Bay. Having pretty much emptied my stuff out of the apartment I was feeling decidedly disconnected and like I was kind of floating around, filling in the last few days. Not doing any yoga because of ailments that hopefully will clear up pretty fast.

Tasted the 2006 Viognier that my mate Stu has made and just bottled - for those interested in such things it is a decided break with normal and previous Hawkes Bay styles of this wine - it is high on acid and sugar, much more citrus-like than stone fruit and altogether pretty good.

All I feel like doing these days is tasting wine. Drinking it just doesn't appeal. 2 years' work in the industry pretty much put paid to my wine 'infatuation', which had been simmering since I was finishing school really. Not important anymore.

Much like speaking French - you'd have to make it seriously worth my while now to spend anything other than a brief period of time in France. I did my degree in French and Business.

Also much like eating meat - which makes a much rarer appearance on the plate now than previously.

And watching TV (although films are still definitely OK!).

And making any plans for the future.

These things just falling away....feels pretty good.

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