Friday, September 01, 2006

fun times

Had a couple of pretty low energy practices the last two days - I think the bruising to my coccyx is the main reason. Jump backs and throughs are impossible and the wrenched thumb also makes some of the Parsva Konasanas uncomfortable, Navasana is also out Even Shavasana is uncomfortable. All pretty good going considering I will be in India in 2 weeks.

The best thing? I'm still really enjoying the practices and so for the second time in a couple of months I have the luxury of being injured without being annoyed about it....haha!

Anyway, my packed social life continues this week - last night went round to J & M in their new house - they seemed a little shellshocked I think - partly because the house is so nice and both kids have their own rooms and there is a pool in the garden - but also because they felt like they had become 'yuppies', in a lighthearted way. It was a fun evening. They always come out with hilarious anecdotes about J's freaky family in the US which have me in fits. Why are American families often so amusing to outsiders? Its not the first time I have felt that hearing about, or getting to know, an American family is a little like watching a car crash, major surgery or something equally compelling, morbid and fascinating. Why are they like this? There is a different quality to American life when compared to analagous tales from the UK or the Antipodes. Something about oddly outlandish, extreme features of peoples' lives cloaked in often stultifying banality makes these glimpses irresistible. The Vet sister in law on the West Coast, overweight with a tatoo of Anekin Skywalker on her shoulder, who does nothing other than work and flick through the 1000 available TV channels in her free time. The DC based Aunt whose work consists solely of dog walking. See what I mean?

Tonight is more film action followed by supper at the best Thai restaurant Hawkes Bay has to offer (it is actually very good, and you can't say that often round here). Tomorrow is leaving drinks at a local bar.

I have already moved a lot of my stuff out, arranged to get phone etc cut off, redirected mail and so on. Easy!

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