Monday, September 04, 2006

I am a definite fan of ClustrMaps - I have my own which you might notice down the side panel of my blog. This has amazed me by showing that even an unremarkable blog like mine, swimming in the ether along with the estimated 50 million other blogs globally, is somehow being seen by people literally all over the world - Ireland, Chile, Canada, Western Australia! Cool.

As I am now only a week away from leaving for India things have begun to feel just slightly unreal, this is compounded by the fact that my practice has dwindled to nearly nothing due to snowboarding injuries. I am now very glad that I have chosen to go to Mysore for 3 months as this will give me ample time to settle and get some continuity going again.

I am also looking forward hugely to spending time with good friends in Sydney on the way over and also to spending some quality time with my mother who has decided to visit me in Mysore for a month - it's a lot easier for her to go there than come all the way over here to NZ.

Good old Hawkes Bay is definitely sending me off in style too - the weather is now glorious springtime, huge amounts of sunshine and warm too.

Had a little send-off on Saturday night in Havelock where I have been living since December. it ended up being a good mix of friends from my winemaking days and those whom I know through ashtanga here in Hawkes Bay. It was a fun get together. It has taken a while but (aside from the obvious absence of any kind of career presently) I am really feeling more and more settled here. Ironic I know since I am just about to go travelling for nearly 5 months but what the heck - it'll be good to come back too!

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