Sunday, December 24, 2006

Coffs Harbor

Coffs Harbor.

Its got a bit of Benidorm, some of Noosa and not many people, even at this time of year. It also reminds me of Southern Cal quite a lot tho with far fewer cars. My sister and I went out last night to see what the locals do for fun and ended up having an orange juice and a soda water in the Coffs Harbour Hotel which seemed about 60% full before heading down the road to The Plantation - the single local 'nitespot' - where we were refused entry because I was wearing thongs (that is flip flops english people. I'll leave the over the shoulder swim wear thong wearing to people like the group of French guys I saw on the beach in Goa. They had flouro green and pink ones). This was probably a lucky escape because the 'band' (The Vinyl Slingers) who were 'headlining' inside were carrying out a vicious and frenzied attack on several well known and loved rock tunes. A pure Green and Gold moment to savour.

Luckily for us the area is peppered with lovely beaches and beautiful national parks. The weather's not too bad either and the seafood is pukka.

This morning I got up to practice and was struck by the thought that I could well be the only person doing the primary series for several hours in each direction. Westwards and eastwards this could possibly extend to days since one might have to go to Brazil to have a hope of bumping into anyone doing anything similar. These are sketchy latitudes. Anyway, did it and really enjoyed the outside yoga. The sweat does its job, evaporating nicely and keeping ones temperature very comfortable.

Shortly afterwards, as we ate breakfast, I got a text from mates in NZ who have been getting my post. I gather I am now a Kiwi! Yes! A New Zealander. It took nearly a year to process but they got there in the end. A big thankyou to Albie Coetzee at the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs. I'm not sure why it feels so good. Perhaps it's the sheer novelty of being able to have two passports.

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