Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Why did I go to Mysore?

Early on in my visit to Mysore I wondered briefly what exactly it was I was doing there. The other day, whilst enjoying a barbeque at Bronte beach a friend of mine asked me how the trip there had impacted my yoga. I said that it simply had helped me to understand my own practice much better. My practice is a lot slower now, and better focused I suppose. Still can't do Marichyasana D though. But it is coming!

We did a bit of a rainforest and gravel road circuit today. I always enjoy trips into the bush and forest in Australia. I find the landscape and natural environment so balanced to my eye. Such spare subtlety in the shades of brown, yellow and grey, with dusty greens setting it all off in the dryness.

As we walked 30 minutes each way on a random fire break, climbing a slight gradient in the cool pre-sunshine air, we wondered if the undulating mass rasp coming from the stands of gum to our left and right were somehow responding to our passage. Did the cicadas soften or intensify their calls to one another as we strode by? Stopping briefly as the clouds of sound once more built to a virtually ear splitting crescendo, a piercing top note like a distress whistle seeming almost to protrude from the canopy, we listened and heard the sound, more wave like now, recede gradually over a period of 20 seconds or so to near silence. The colony was in warm up mode, fine tuning for the day ahead.


Anonymous said...

just finished reading your blog. really enjoyed it! actually liked your postings on movies even more (than yoga). ever thought about getting in the movie business?

jb said...

nope - movie business, or any business for that matter, not for me right now. love to watch em tho!