Friday, December 29, 2006


We watched Kenny the other night. It's an Aussie film about the common man, common decency and being bottom of the pile (excuse the pun).

What we all enjoyed so much about it was the typically wry and tongue in cheek use of language and timing that both good Brit and Aussie films make use of.

The film does have a serious point or two but these are happily lost under the deluge of comic material and poignant moments. On the serious side is the idea that we always seem to take the basic functions of life and those who deal with them as being somehow worth less than the higher callings and activities. Is painting really more important than pooing for instance? In a more lighthearted vein the makers constantly poke fun at Aussie stereotypes of workmen, men in general and the world of work. The first line of questioning that Kenny undertakes with a prospect on the phone is to ascertain whether or not curry is on the menu at the function requiring portable toilets. This seems to have some bearing on the number of units per 100 guests that will be required. Also, the company Kenny works for is called Splashdown Corporate Bathrooms which actually appears to be a real company. Brilliant!

For those (like me) with a distinctly scattalogical humouristic bent this film will appeal massively, but it is also distinctly redolent of the earthier notes emanating from middle Australia in all its glory.

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