Saturday, December 09, 2006

Gabby Gabby Gabby

She is a great teacher - why does she have to be based in such a dodgy part of India?

Rupee for Rupee I would say that she offers the best value ashtanga ANYWHERE on the planet. The shala is a bamboo hut set in a small gully looking out onto Little Vagator beach. Perfect. There is a very small group of people with a very laid back non-ego unhyped european/south american type ambience. That is great (know what I mean....?;=). She is a very observant, committed and energetically minded teacher. No bullshit about this lady. Awesome.

Serious yoga. But ya gotta put up with Vagator and environs.

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CJ said...

I really liked Anjuna and the Purple Valley Yoga place. I know that an awful lot of Mysore yogis are going up there while the Shala is shut. I didn't know about yoga in Vagator though, nice tip.

Good to hear you're doing well!