Sunday, December 10, 2006

Today is my 'day off'.

This is a good thing because a) the randomly picked hotel here in Panjim (Elite Lodge - don't go there. Clearly I am a sucker for a fresh paint job and a ludicrously unlikely name) was of the 'too grubby to unroll your mat' variety and b) the hotel here in Panjim was also of the 'the mattress is infested with something and you can't sleep for scratching all night' variety. It was also c) of the R150/night, noisy with no glass in the windows variety. So, I am a bit tired. This was the reason that I stared at the menu in the restaurant this morning for a little while longer than might be reasonable. Not, as the kind man opposite me assumed, because I just got here and cannot imagine what the words Masala Dosa might mean once on a plate.

Getting the plane back to Bangalore today feels like it might be a relief. For the first time since I have been in India I have a sensation like leaving might be a little bit of a relief in fact. Could just be the tiredness though.

Aaaaah. 5 days in Mysore. Probably just go to the pool and have a little reflect on the whole thing I think. I have done my pre-tanning for Australia here in Goa and the Southern Star will facilitate the post-pretan phase prior to fully prone pigmentation promotion. Of which there will be much. I might have to fend off the sister's attempts to get me out clubbing loads as the mornings are precious for practice.

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