Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I have arrived back in NZ.

There aren't too many places in the world where you can disembark from an international flight and catch the smell of sheep in the adjacent field. Palmerston North 'International' Airport however is just such a place. The arrivals halls has the feel of a cattle pen and the town itself, at 130am, is disconcertingly tranquil. Got on a bus the next morning for the 2 hour ride to Hastings.

Prana Yoga - that is the place to do ashtanga in Hawkes Bay. While I have been away two of my friends here have begun to set up an ashtanga space. The room is large, bright and warm with a firm floor and a pleasant feel. All that remains is to develop a proper timetable, which is being done, and it will be up and running. It's in Hastings and there are already a solid 12-15 people per practise which is a good start. It will easily grow - there is plenty of interest and demand.

We have 'a travelling yoga teacher' coming here from Feb 28th for a 5 day workshop - early morning mysore style and a couple of lead classes for those who have never tried this yoga. Go Hawke's Bay!!

I have heard that, in a further example of the popularity of ashtanga these days, the shalas in Mysore have stopped enrolling new students. There are just too many people. Is it just a dirty rumour put out by Bikram?

This evening I become officially 50% Kiwi when I attend my citizenhip ceremony. On the invitation it was mentioned that national dress is encouraged. I wondered what that was in NZ until it was pointed out that they mean the national dress of one's home country of course. What is that for England??

Posting will be brief for the moment as I have no www connection at home but for those of you in email contact, feel free to let me know how things are going - it would be good to hear!


Apple Princess said...

Where is the new yoga space? And how do I get info for it?
Cheers Lorinda

jb said...

Hi Lorinda

Prana Yoga is in the Quest Buidling cnr of Eastbourne and Russell streets in Hastings. email me fr more details if you want - email is on my blog

jb said...

Or click on the link at the top of my link list - will find phone numbers etc to help you find us.