Sunday, February 04, 2007

So, back in the Noosa groove.

This morning Helen and I went for a bodyboarding session pre breakfast. The water was glassy, a little cloud cover took the sting out of the sunshine and there were perfect 3 foot sets rolling in. Helen is learning and this was her 3rd day in the water. So far she is going great, learning to paddle for the waves, read the surf a little and catch a few gooduns. We even got the same wave at one point, she went left and I right. So much fun! Waves are taking over the holiday, which I 100% approve of. I need to book a few surf lessons now I think – conditions here are perfect to learn and we still have 10 days left.

It’s been a while since the ‘why don’t I buy a campervan and travel around Australia’ thoughts entered my mind, but they are back! And while I’m about it, why not South Africa too eh? It is sooo tempting.

Now we have a little downpour, tropical style, intense, warm and short. The air is full of warm, round eucalypt scents and the Kookaburras are laughing. We are snug in our deluxe cabin and have a DVD supply to get through.


Nick Seecharan said...

if you need any further temptation re: campervan . speaks to dobs and fabbers, who just bought one a week ago! a couple of ally's should you need/ or secretly be looking for a little gentle persuasion. N x

Anonymous said...

who's this hunk nick seecharan, and how do I leave comments onhis blog? is NHS some kind of tax payer funded health care system in UK?

re; campervan. do it!